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Returns & Cancellations

You may return most new, uninstalled items sold and shipped by Gevo`s Rears & Gears within 30 days of receiving Return Goods Authorization (RGA). Prior to returning any items, you must contact Gevo`s Rears & Gears and you be issued a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Items returned without  Returned Goods Authorization may be refused by Gevo`s Rears & Gears . Some items sold by Gevo`s Rears & Gears are not eligible for return.

Many new, uninstalled items returned to us will be subject to a Restocking Fee, depending upon the reason for the return. Restocking fees are imposed for returns which are not caused by Gevo`s Rears & Gears or shipper (e.g., you changed your mind or you ordered the wrong part). Restocking fees are not imposed for returns caused by Gevo`s Rears & Gears  or our shipper (e.g., we shipped you a different part than what you ordered or your order was damaged during shipping). Restocking fees can be 15% or more, depending on the elapsed time between shipment and return.

For all returns (excluding warranties), items shall be returned in their original packaging.

You may not cancel any order after the order has shipped. In addition, special orders for items not normally stocked by Gevo`s Rears & Gears cannot be canceled once submitted. To cancel an order for a stocked item that has not yet shipped, please contact us at 315-568-9744 to determine if order cancellation can be processed. Cancelled orders may be subject to a processing fee .

Any applicable refunds for cancelled or returned items will be processed as quickly as possible. However, actual refund timing and amounts will vary depending upon the specific situation. For returned items, the refund will depend upon the condition of the returned product when it is received by Gevo`s Rears & Gears ; in some cases, a restocking fee and/or processing fee will be applied against any refund as well. Refunds for Warranty returns will be dependent upon the approval by the product manufacturer of all warranty claims, as well as the payment arrangement to Gevo`s Rears & Gears for such approved claims.



Most products sold by Gevo`s Rears & Gears  are warranted by their original manufacturer. Warranties vary between manufacturers. For warranty information on a specific product, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Upon notification of a warranty claim, Gevo`s Rears & Gears  shall investigate the claim of defect, and, in the event of a verified defect, shall, at their sole choice, either repair the defective product, replace it, or refund the purchase price.

This warranty does not cover, and Gevo`s Rears & Gears  shall not be liable for, incidental or consequential damages, including loss of time, road service charges, labor charges, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, loss of revenues, or loss or damage to personal property (including loss or damage to vehicle parts due to the failure of the  product). Also, this warranty does not cover damage to the product caused by or facilitated by failure of a non-Gevo`s Rears & Gears  component.  

Restocking Policy

All returns caused by customer error and some returns caused by customer refusal of our shipment will be charged a Restocking Fee per the schedule defined herein.

Customer Error is defined as a return for any reason that does not involve an error by Gevo`s Rears & Gears  or our supplier(s).

Customer Refusal returns that are subject to a Restocking Fee are those where the customer refuses delivery of our shipment due to an error on the part of the customer (e.g., no longer needs part, ordered incorrect part number, etc.). Customer Refusal returns due to other reasons (e.g., part received different than part ordered, part damaged during shipment, etc.) are not subject to a Restocking Fee.

Returns caused by an error by Gevo`s Rears & Gears or our suppliers are not subject to a Restocking Fee.  

Restocking Fee Schedule

Calendar Days from Customer receipt of product to Gevo`s Rears & Gears receipt of returned product.  Restocking Fee as a percent of Invoice Price Excluding Freight & Tax 

1 - 30 Days 15%

31 - 90 Days 20%

91 Days + up to the desrection if Gevo`s Rears & Gears